ZentriOS Native API

This is a list of all ZentriOS Native API functions, libraries, and utilities available for application development.
CoreThis contains all core API functionality
MemoryBasic memory allocation/loading functions
CommandsFunctions for issuing ZentriOS commands
Data StreamsFunctions for reading, writing, etc data streams
DebuggingDebugging/logging functions
MacrosMacros related to debugging
MiscellaneousOther core functions
TypesAPI core data types
MacrosCore macros
SettingsApps can uniquely configure ZentriOS with ZentriOS variables using the Settings API
ZentriOS SettingsFunctions for reading/writing/loading ZentriOS variables
Application SettingsFunctions for reading/writing/loading variables that are custom defined by ZentriOS applications
MacrosSettings specific macros
Device Management Server (DMS)The following APIs provide DMS related operations
TypesDMS data types
MacrosDMS macros
TelemetryDMS Telemetry and Geo-location
Firmware UpdateFirmware update operations
Claim/ActivateDMS claiming and activation operations
Cloud File SystemDMS cloud file system operations
NetworkThis contains all network related functionality
InterfaceFunctions for starting/stop WLAN & SoftAP interfaces
TypesNetwork Interface Types
MacrosNetwork interface specific macros
Web SetupFunctions for enabling/disabling web setup
TypesData types for web setup
UtilityNetwork Utility functions
TypesNetwork Utility Types
ProtocolsThis contains various networking protocol functions
TCP/TLS Client/ServerTCP/TLS client/server functions
TypesTCP client/server types
UDP Client/ServerUDP client/server functions
TypesUDP client/server data types
HTTP ClientHTTP client functions
TypesHTTP client data types
HTTP ServerHTTP server functions
TypesHTTP server data types
MacrosHTTP server macros
HTTP Server StreamHTTP server stream functions
TypesHTTP server stream data types
MacrosHTTP server stream macros
WebSocket Client/ServerWebSocket client/server functions
TypesWebSocket data types
SMTPSMTP functions
TypesSMTP data types
NTPNetwork Time Protocol functions
TypesNTP data types
Network DiscoveryThis contains various features for finding the device on a local network Refer to the command API documentation for more information:
mDNSMDNS functions
TypesMDNS data types
Periodic BroadcastPeriodic Broadcast Functions
TypesPeriodic broadcast data types
PeripheralsThis contains all hardware peripheral related functionality
GPIOFunctions for using General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) peripheral
TypesHardware GPIO data types
ADCFunctions for using analog-to-digital (ADC) conversion peripheral
TypesHardware ADC data types
PWMFunctions for using Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) peripheral
I2C MasterFunctions for using Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) peripheral
TypesHardware I2C data types
MacrosHardware I2C macros
SPI MasterFunctions for using Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) peripheral
TypesHardware SPI data types
MacrosHardware SPI macros
UARTFunctions for using Universal Asynchronous Receive/Transmit (UART) peripheral
TypesHardware UART data types
Custom CommandsThis contains all functionality needed to add/override commands to the ZentriOS Command API
TypesCommand types
MacrosCommand specific macros
Event HandlingThis contains all functionality needed to register/unregister event handlers
TypesEvent data types
MacrosEvent macros
RTOSThis contains all Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) functions
MutexRTOS mutex functions
SemaphoreRTOS semaphore functions
QueueRTOS queue functions
TimerRTOS timer functions
EventsRTOS events functions
MiscellaneousRTOS miscellaneous functions
TimeThis contains all time functionality
TypesTime specific types
File SystemThis contains all file system related functionality
TypesFile types
MacrosFile specific macros
SystemSystem APIs contain all functionality required to control device operation
PowersaveFunctions that reduce power consumption
Backup RegistersFunctions to read/write battery-backed hardware registers
MonitorFunctions to monitor system operations
MiscellaneousMiscellaneous system functions
Silicon-to-Cloud (S2C)Silicon-to-Cloud Library
TypesTypes specific to the S2C Library
MacrosMacros specific to the S2C Library
CoreCore S2C library functions
CommandsAPIs for issuing commands to Mobiles
FilesAPIs for executing file operations on Mobiles or the Cloud
StreamsS2C Stream APIs
BluetoothThis contains Bluetooth functions
Bluetooth Management & UtilitiesBluetooth management and utility functions
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)BLE functions
Generic Attribute Profile (GATT)GATT functions
LibrariesThis contains additional libraries available to apps
BLE SensorLibraries used for BLE Sensors
CloudLibraries used for communicating with the cloud
MQTTMQTT is a machine-to-machine connectivity protocol
SMQSimple Message Queue (SMQ)
Error codes returned by function SMQ_getMessage
Response codes returned by function SMQ_getMessage
DisplayDisplays Library
8x8 LED Matrix LibraryControl and monitor 8x8 LED Matrix display
LCD Monochrome LibraryControl and monitor NXP SCCK monochrome LCD display
SensorSensor Library
Accelerometer Data TypesAccelerometer sensor data types
Air Quality Sensor Data TypesAir quality sensor data types
Gyroscope Data TypesGyroscope sensor data types
Hygrometer Data TypesHygrometer sensor data types
Light Sensor Data TypesLight sensor data types
Magnetometery Data TypesMagnetometer sensor data types
Thermometer Data TypesThermometer sensor data types
PeripheralsPeripherals Library
IO ExpanderIO Expander Library
ProtocolsNetworking protocols libraries
FTPFile transfer protocol (FTP) library
TypesData types used by FTP library
UtilitiesThis contains various utilities
StringFunctions for processing strings
JSONJSON Utilities
TypesJSON data types
MacrosJSON macros
MessagePackMessagePack Utilities
TypesMessagePack data types
MacrosMessagePack macros
ReadAPIs for unpacking MessagePack data into object and reading their values
WriteAPIs for packing data into a MessagePack message
CSVCSV Utilities
TypesCSV data types
Base64Base64 Utilities
TypesBase64 data types
SortingSorting Utilities
Table/LookupTable/Lookup Utilities
MacrosTable/Lookup macros
CRCChecksum/CRC Utilities
TypesChecksum/CRC data types
ButtonButton Utility
TypesButton data types
CryptographyCryptography Utilities
AESAES utilities
TypesAES data types
MD5MD5 utilities
TypesMD5 data types
SHA1SHA1 utilities
TypesSHA1 data types
SHA2SHA2 utilities
TypesSHA2 data types
SHA4SHA4 utilities
TypesSHA4 data types
Fixed-Point IntegerFixed-Point Integer Utilities
TypesFixed-Point Integer data types
MacrosFixed-Point Integer macros
Deprecated APIsThe following APIs are deprecated and will be removed in a future release
Experimental APIsThe following APIs are for internal development and NOT currently supported