Base64 data types. More...


typedef zos_result_tbase64_writer_t) (void *user, const void *data, uint32_t len)
 Base64 encode writer. More...
typedef zos_result_tbase64_reader_t) (void *user, void *data, uint32_t len, uint32_t *bytes_read)
 Base64 decode reader callback. More...
typedef void * base64_encode_context_t
 Base64 encoder context See base64_encode_with_writer()
typedef void * base64_decode_context_t
 Base64 decoder context. More...

Detailed Description

Base64 data types.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void* base64_decode_context_t

Base64 decoder context.

See base64_decode_with_reader()

typedef zos_result_t( base64_reader_t) (void *user, void *data, uint32_t len, uint32_t *bytes_read)

Base64 decode reader callback.

This is a callback which reads base64 encoded data. See base64_decode_with_reader()

[in]userUser specificied argument, supplied in 'user' argument of base64_init_decode_context()
[out]dataBuffer to hold base64 encoded data
[in]lenLength of data buffer
[out]bytes_readPointer to hold number of bytes read
return of reader callback, zos_result_t
typedef zos_result_t( base64_writer_t) (void *user, const void *data, uint32_t len)

Base64 encode writer.

This is a callback which writes base64 encoded data. See base64_encode_with_writer()

[in]userUser specificied argument, supplied in 'user' argument of base64_init_encode_context()
[in]database64 encoded data to write
[in]lenLength of data buffer
return of writer callback, zos_result_t