zos_websocket_config_t Struct Reference

Websocket Client configuration. More...

Data Fields

const char * host
 Websocket server URL.
const zos_websocket_header_theaders
 Optional custom HTTP headers (leave NULL if unused)
zos_tls_certificates_t certs
 TLS certificate filenames, zos_tls_certificates_t.
uint16_t buffer_size
 Size of rx buffer in bytes.
zos_websocket_frame_type_t frame_type
 zos_websocket_frame_type_t The websocket frame type
zos_interface_t interface
 Network interface on which to connect to remote server.
zos_gpio_t gpio
 GPIO to assert when socket has data to read, optional, set as ZOS_GPIO_INVALID if not used.

Detailed Description

Websocket Client configuration.