If you clicked through to here, then we expect you are having some trouble with the ZentriOS SDK. Please accept our apologies; perhaps our documentation is not clear enough or you have found an operational corner case.

The notes in the following sections should get you up and running again quickly. If you are still having trouble after reading through these notes, please log a support ticket.

For ZentriOS issues not specifically related to the SDK, see ZentriOS Troubleshooting.

Build Fails Intermittently

Build fails with the message

recipe for target 'build_app' failed

This may be related to a conflict with an anti-virus program. Some anti-virus software can lock temporary object/library files while they are being used by the compiler/linker.

Disable the anti-virus program and try again.

Build Errors

You may need to clean the project. See Cleaning the Project.

SDK Installation Directory Permissions

To use the ZentriOS SDK, the SDK tools require read, write and execute permissions for the directory in which the SDK is installed.

The default installation directory is the directory of the current user.

The Windows C:\Users\Public directory may be another good candidate for installing the SDK.

If you change the SDK installation directory to a location outside the user directory, errors may result from lack of the necessary permissions.

The error check_sdk_version returned -1 sometimes indicates this problem.

To fix it, try re-installing the SDK in a directory with the required permissions.

SDK Installation Directory and Eclipse Workspace Directory on Different Drives

Installation the SDK on a different drive to the drive containing the Eclipse Workspace directory may cause issues. If possible, install both on the same drive.

SDK Installation Directory and Workspace Directory Must Not Contain Spaces

Spaces in the names of the SDK installation directory or the Eclipse Workspace directory can cause errors.

If your user directory name contains a space, this may result in errors if the SDK installs in the default user directory.

AMW106 GPIOs 0 to 4 Not Working in My ZentriOS App

This is an issue with overloading of JTAG pins and these GPIOs. See AMW106 GPIOs 0 to 4 Disabled During Debugging.

NXP-SCCK Drivers

When the NXP-SCCK is connected to a Windows computer via USB, the Windows Device Manager should show the drivers described in NXP-SCCK Windows Drivers.

SDK Setup with Different Device Warning

The warning below may appear under certain circumstances:

09:55:43.654 [WARNING] SDK setup with different device. 
DMS operations will not work on this device. 
Run 'device setup' again to enable DMS operations

As the warning message indicates, the warning is caused when the SDK 'Device Setup' sequence was run on a difference device than the one that is currently being used.

This may occur if you run build/download on a device, without re-running the device setup sequence on that device.

As the warning message indicates, DMS operations such as ota, dms activate, and so on, will not work on the current device until the device setup sequence is run on this device.

If you do not require DMS operations, you may safely ignore this warning.