Releasing Apps to the DMS

The ZentriOS SDK may be used to release apps to the Device Management Server.

After an app is released to the DMS, you can login to the DMS and manage the app. See Device Management Server.

Prior to releasing an app to the DMS, ensure you have tested the app works using a release build. A release build enables optimization and removes debug symbols that unnecessarily increase the size of the app.

To configure the app for release, right-click on the application project and select the menu Build Configurations -> Set Active -> Release.

To release an app to the DMS, right-click on the application project, then select the Release to Device Management Server menu.

The SDK builds the app and opens a dialogue box to enable configuration of the app for release.

To release a new version of an existing product, select from the Select Product/Available Products tab.

To create a new product, fill in the details in the Select Product/Create Product tab.

Title: Brief descriptive title

Code: Product code - allowed characters are upper case alpha, numeric and underscore: A to Z, 0 to 9, _

In the DMS display, a prefix is added consisting of your customer code followed by a hyphen.

For example: the code COOL_THING_1 is valid. If you are customer CUST99, the DMS listing is CUST99-COOL_THING_1

Description: Brief description