button_config_t Struct Reference

Button configuration. More...

Data Fields

uint16_t debounce
 The active level for the button.
uint16_t click_time
 Button must be at a high/low level for at least this time (ms) before it is considered stable.
uint16_t press_time
 Button must go from in-active to active to in-active, the active part must be no longer than this time in milliseconds.
struct {
   zos_event_handler_t   click
 called when the button is considered pressed
   zos_event_handler_t   toggle
 called when the button is considered clicked
   zos_event_handler_t   change
 called when the button changes from a high to low or low to high state
 Button active for longer than this time (ms) is considered pressed.
button_execution_context_t execution_context
 Button event handlers.

Detailed Description