Checksum/CRC Utilities. More...


Checksum/CRC data types.


zos_result_t crc_init (zos_crc_type_t type)
 Initialize CRC generation hardware. More...
void crc_deinit (void)
 De-initialize CRC generation hardware. More...
zos_result_t crc_configure (uint32_t address, size_t size)
 Configure CRC hardware generation registers. More...
zos_result_t crc_reset (void)
 Reset CRC hardware. More...
zos_result_t crc_start (void)
 Start CRC generation. More...
zos_result_t crc_get_result (uint32_t *crc)
 Get result of CRC generation. More...

Detailed Description

Checksum/CRC Utilities.

Function Documentation

zos_result_t crc_configure ( uint32_t  address,
size_t  size 

Configure CRC hardware generation registers.

void crc_deinit ( void  )

De-initialize CRC generation hardware.

zos_result_t crc_get_result ( uint32_t *  crc)

Get result of CRC generation.

zos_result_t crc_init ( zos_crc_type_t  type)

Initialize CRC generation hardware.

zos_result_t crc_reset ( void  )

Reset CRC hardware.

zos_result_t crc_start ( void  )

Start CRC generation.