Release Notes for ZentriOS-WZ-3.3

Commands and variables that were removed in ZentriOS-WZ-3.2 have been restored in ZentriOS-WZ-3.3. Exceptions are:

New telemetry commands and variables and Native APIs allow telemetry information to be posted to the DMS. See dms telemetry command, and variables dms.telemetry.adc_mask , dms.telemetry.data_mask , dms.telemetry.gpio_mask , and dms.telemetry.interval .

A network ARP lock helps avoid ARP delays when streaming. See network.arp.lock_enabled and network.arp.table_size.

DHCP and DNS details are cached to improve connection efficiency. See wlan.dhcp.cache_enabled, and the network_flush command.

For general changes, see Fixes and Improvements.

For new variables, see Variables Added below.

Updating from WiConnect

See Updating your WiConnect device to update a device running WiConnect version 2.4 or earlier.

For a version history, see ZentriOS Editions and Versions.

Known Issues (v3.3.0)

Last Updated : December, 2016

All known issues in v3.2 and earlier versions have been fixed.

Changelog (v3.3.0)

Last Updated : December, 2016

Fixes and Improvements

Command HelpCommand help displays a link to the related online documentation. If you require offline documentation, please request a PDF.
Soft APOnly one SoftAP client is allowed during web setup
The 'SoftAP stopped' message is now not printed when the Soft AP is already stopped
DHCP ServerFixed a problem where the DHCP Server failed if no Requested IP option was supplied in the request command
ZAP SettingsFixed a problem where a hardfault occured if multiple zap settings, with different filename lengths, are added to a project.
wlan.hide_passkey responsewlan.hide_passkey now returns success if set to 1 when already 1
TCP stackData is now passed to the app when RST received
TimeFixed a problem where time.last_set was improperly set on startup. Now time.last_set is modified only when manually updated, either with set time.rtc or from a NTP update.
System LogsFixed a problem with invalid, blank system logs when using TCP server and HTTP REST API.
System MessagesFixed a problem where system messages occasionally failed to print
DHCP cachingThe DHCP IP address and lease can be cached to save time on networks with slow DHCP. See wlan.dhcp.cache_enabled variable, network_flush command
DNS cachingResolved DNS queries are cached in RAM until their TTL expires. See : for more info. See network_flush command
OTA manifest json encodingFixed a problem where OTA manifest filenames with certain characters caused OTA requests to fail, by json encoding filenames
File stream readsFile stream reads return more than 1460 bytes of data if available. i.e. stream_read <handle> <read size> data returned = MIN(<read size>, <file bytes remaining>).
Azure TLSFixed a problem where setting network.tls.version to 10 (version 1.0) caused a failure with Azure. TLS1.2 ciphers are now always enabled.
izap fileThe izap file now appears in the ls command listing.
The izap file name is now displayed in output
zn_settings_set return valueFixed a problem where zn_settings_set_XXX returned CMD_SET_OK. Now it correctly returns ZOS_SUCCESS

Commands Added

network_flushFlush the DNS cache and/or cached DHCP IP address.

Commands Changed

dms telemetrydms sub-command argument telemetry causes device to post telemetry data immediately .
file_createAdded --extended and --bulk options to support creating files on extended or bulk flash .

Variables Added

dms.ota_host Display current OTA host, according to device certificates
dms.telemetry.adc_mask Set ADC data posted to DMS in telemetry message
dms.telemetry.data_mask Set device properties posted to DMS in telemetry message
dms.telemetry.gpio_mask Set GPIO values posted to DMS in telemetry message
dms.telemetry.interval Set interval for telemetry posting
network.arp.lock_enabled Lock destination ARP table entry to avoid intermittent streaming delays
network.arp.table_size Set maximum ARP table entries
network.buffer.control_size Configure the size of the network buffer used for control packets
network.tcp.delivery_type Choose optimization strategy for TCP timers: normal or realtime
softap.max_clients Limit the number of clients that can connect to the Soft AP
wlan.dhcp.cache_enabled Cache DHCP IP address and corresponding lease time to RAM, to save time when reconnecting
wlan.multicast.address Get/set UDP multicast address range

Variables Changed

zap.infoThe izap file name is now displayed in output

Known Issues (v3.3.1)

Last Updated : December, 2016

All known issues in earlier versions have been fixed.

Changelog (v3.3.1)

Last Updated : December, 2016

Fixes and Improvements

ZAP file not updatedFixed a problem where the ZAP file is not updated if extended flash has out-dated files
zap.debug.auto_run safe modezap.debug.auto_run is now accessible in safe mode.

Changelog (v3.3.2)

Last updated February 2017

Fixes and Improvements

Stream ModeFixed a problem where data was dropped if sent immediately upon connecting before flush timeout.
NTP serverFixed a problem that prevented changes to the ntp.server ip address from taking effect.
UART dataFailure response correctly returned on attempt to set outside platform range
Websocket clientFixed a problem where the websocket_client command failed with some websocket servers
AMW136 board versionFixed incorrect AMW136 board version string
time.rtcFixed a problem where time.rtc returned incorrect day
ZAP programmingFixed a problem where ZAP programming did not work if uart.flow control enabled.