Silicon-to-Cloud (S2C)

Silicon-to-Cloud Library. More...


Types specific to the S2C Library.
Macros specific to the S2C Library.
Core S2C library functions.
APIs for issuing commands to Mobiles.
APIs for executing file operations on Mobiles or the Cloud.
S2C Stream APIs.

Detailed Description

Silicon-to-Cloud Library.

The Secure Connected Product Platform is composed of flexible components that are connected with standard interfaces allowing product companies to select the right set for their product needs. ZentriOS is a purpose-built operating system for secure connected products. ZentriOS is available on Zentri hardware modules and on hardware from major semiconductor manufacturers. Zentri Device Management Service manages all aspects of firmware, software, and apps for your product with high levels of security and reliability.

Zentri Cloud Connector allows customers to connect Zentri's platform to their own cloud and monitor, control, and store analytics. Zentri Cloud Service is an optional cloud service that allows product companies to quickly get product monitoring, control, and analytics up and running. Zentri Mobile SDK simplifies mobile app development for iOS and Android apps that connect to your product and the cloud.

See S2C Online Documentation for more information.