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Data Structures

struct  mdns_service_info_t
 Description of a custom mDNS service. More...


typedef void(* mdns_txt_record_callback_t) (char *buffer, uint16_t max_len)
 Callback to retrieve a custom TXT mDNS record. More...

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mDNS data types

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* mdns_txt_record_callback_t) (char *buffer, uint16_t max_len)

Callback to retrieve a custom TXT mDNS record.

This callback is called in the context of the mDNS background process. It is called just before the mDNS process responds to query. The format of the buffer must follow the txt option described in the mdns.service variable documentation.

bufferBuffer to hold a custom TXT record
max_lenThe max size of the TXT record