Application Debugging

The ZentriOS SDK provides single-step debugging of applications using the IDE. Debugging ZentriOS apps is similar to debugging applications that run on other operating systems. The application can be started, paused, single-stepped and stopped while ZentriOS happily continues running underneath. Note that pausing or single-stepping applications that interact with a network interface may result in network buffer over-runs that may cause instability.

Before starting a debug session, turn off optimization and enable debug symbols. To do this, right-click on the application project and select the menu Build Configurations -> Set Active -> Debug.

To initiate a debug session, right-click on the application project then select the ZentriOS -> Build/Download/Debug menu. The SDK builds and downloads the application to the device, then launches a debug session.

The IDE may ask to switch to the debug perspective to enable convenient display of debug information.

With Zentri devices, such as the AMW004 and the AMW106, the app runs in RAM. As a result breakpoints cannot be set prior to starting the app debug session.

After the debug session starts, open a source file and set a breakpoint at a point within the event loop. The debug session suspends.

With NXP devices, the app runs in flash, and breakpoints can be set prior to starting the app debug session.

After you start the session, the debug session suspends at the first breakpoint and displays the source file at the breakpoint position.

After the debug session suspends, you can use all the debug tools.