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zos_result_t zn_mdns_register_service (const mdns_service_info_t *service_info)
 Register custom service to be advertised via mDNS. More...

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zos_result_t zn_mdns_register_service ( const mdns_service_info_t service_info)

Register custom service to be advertised via mDNS.

This registers a custom service to be advertised via mDNS. More information about mDNS may be found in the Network Discovery command API documentation.

To use this API, first enable the mDNS feature by setting the variable: mdns.enabled to ZOS_TRUE. The either toggle or bring the network up. When the network is up call this API to register the service. This API must be called every time the network is brought up.

Upon exiting the ZAP the network should be brought down to unregister the service. Faults may occur otherwise.
service_infoService info, mdns_service_info_t
zos_result_t, the result of registering the service.