Release Notes for ZentriOS-WZ-3.1

ZentriOS-WZ-3.1 provides fixes and improvements to version 3.0.

Security features include new user encryption options, and automatic encryption of certificates and configuration files. See new system.security_key encryption options for file_create, file_open, http_download, and http_upload commands, User Encrypted file flag and new automatic encryption for the save command. See also File System, Encrypting Files for use by ZentriOS.

You can also set a TLS certificate when using tcp.client.auto_start. See tcp.client.tls_enabled.

New features for stream writes and reads allows buffer sizes to be checked before network stream read/write operations are attempted. See the bus.command.write_check_enabled variable, the stream_write and stream_poll commands, and Serial Interface, Response Format, Bounds error.

A new OOB GPIO event allows checking for HTTP data ready, using a new option with the http_get and http_post commands. See system.oob.gpio.

A GPIO can be configured as an auxiliary factory reset GPIO. See system.factory_reset.aux_gpio and system.factory_reset.aux_level variables.

The log bus can be used as an auxiliary command console. See system.cmd.aux_bus.

You can determine Soft AP RSSI with softap_get_rssi and softap.rssi_average.

Other improvements allow:

Updating from WiConnect

See Updating your WiConnect device to update a device running WiConnect version 2.4 or earlier.

For a version history, see ZentriOS Editions and Versions.

Known Issues (v3.1.0)

Last Updated : June, 2016

All known issues in v3.0.0 and earlier versions have been fixed.


Fixes and Improvements

Bulk FlashFixed a problem that prevented formatting of bulk flash.
Fixed a problem with http_upload from bulk flash
http_get -oFixed a problem where the http_get -o flag caused a command failure
Fixed a problem where a hard fault occured on a delayed issue of poll all after http_get -o
Machine ModeZentriOS no longer prints \r\n on buffer overflow in machine mode
The command response status is now no longer printed after the response header in machine mode
NXP-SCCKFixed a problem where a GPIO interrupt callback was not called
TCPFixed a problem where data was lost when switching out of stream mode with a TCP stream
Fixed a problem where the ZentriOS device crashed if a large number of small TCP fragments were queued
Fixed a problem where duplicate TCP packets appeared under certain conditions
Websocket ClientFixed a problem where websocket_client was not handling its binary and GPIO arguments properly
ZAPAn error message is displayed if insufficient contiguous memory is available to load a ZAP: Heap truncate error. System reboot required.

Commands Added

softap_get_rssi Get RSSI of a SoftAP client

Commands Changed

file_createNew -s and -sy encryption options
file_openNew security key argument
gpio_dirnew optional initial value argument
http_downloadNew -s and -sy encryption options
http_getNew -g GPIO# argument to set data ready OOB GPIO, , new option for arbitrary length URLs
http_postNew -g GPIO# argument to set data ready OOB GPIO
http_uploadNew -k option for specifying security key
network_upnetwork_up -s now saves credentials automatically.
otaNew -q option to query if new update available without downloading
saveNow encrypts automatically if system.security_key is set
stream_pollNew -r and -t arguments; -c argument deprecated
stream_readStream read now attempts to read more than a single packet, up to 1460 bytes.
stream_writeAdded -p option to send a WebSocket ping frame from a websocket client or server stream
zap_runNew message if insufficient contiguous memory is available to load a ZAP

Variables Added

bus.command.write_check_enabledCheck if write buffer large enough when writing
dms.ota_resultGet result of most recent OTA
softap.dhcp_server.lease_timeSet Soft AP DHCP server lease time
softap.rssi_averageManage Soft AP RSSI averaging
system.cmd.aux_busUse the log bus as an auxiliary command console
system.security_keySpecify a key for user encryption
system.factory_reset.aux_gpioAuxiliary factory reset GPIO
system.factory_reset.aux_levelAuxiliary factory reset GPIO level
system.variable_lockSet variables unaffected by factory reset
tcp.client.tls_enabledEnable client TLS certificate for tcp.client.auto_start

Variables Changed

system.oob.gpioNew OOB event for http_get and http_post data ready