Release Notes for ZentriOS-WZ-3.0

ZentriOS-WZ-3.0 offers developers an exciting new way of getting secure wirelessly connected embedded products to market in double-quick time with the added benefit of reducing product cost and design complexity.

With this release, developers can use the ZentriOS SDK to write apps that run directly on Zentri wireless modules and approved connectivity hardware available from Zentri partners.

To accommodate new features, and to support customer feature requests, several features that were available in WiConnect (the predecessor of ZentriOS), have been overhauled. WPS will not be available for use with the Command API, however WPS will be available when using apps that run on ZentriOS. The API has also been deprecated and will soon be replaced with a cloud API that works with the Zentri Cloud. The Zentri Cloud API will only be accessible to apps.

Prior to this release, secure wireless OTA firmware updates for devices were internally managed by Zentri. With the new release, you can now manage your products and firmware directly using the Zentri Device Management Service.

So what are you waiting for? Sign-up to the DMS and start developing apps for ZentriOS today!

See Updating your WiConnect device to update a device running WiConnect version or earlier.

For a version history, see ZentriOS Editions and Versions.

Known Issues (v3.0.0)

Last Updated : May, 2016

DescriptionSolution or Workaround
Formatting bulk flash fails.Update to ZentriOS 3.1


Fixes and Improvements

Securityx509 certs now work if line endings are either \r, \n or a combination
Peripherals - GPIOSetting gpio.init now succeeds if a GPIO is set dynamically by gdi or gpio.init

Commands Added

dmsDMS (Device Management Service) commands
uart_updateUpdate to latest UART settings without reboot

Commands Changed

network_lookupAdded -i option to set interface
force_safemodeAdditional <safemode type> argument

Variables Added

dms.bundle_idDisplays DMS bundle ID of the firmware bundle most recently returned by OTA.
network.tls.client_certTLS client cert file
network.tls.client_keyTLS client cert key
network.tls.versionTLS version
ntp.interfaceSpecify the network interface used by NTP feature.
system.build_numberDisplay ZentriOS build number
system.ota_interfaceSupport for devices with multiple Internet-enabled network interfaces

Variables Changed

broadcast.udp.dataRemoved. Use
broadcast.udp.interfaceRemoved. Use broadcast.interface
broadcast.udp.intervalRemoved. Use broadcast.interval
network.tls.ca_certRenamed from network.ca_cert
softap.dhcp_server.enabledRenamed from softap.dhcp_server
softap.dns_server.enabledRenamed from softap.dns_server
softap.dns_server.urlRenamed from softap.url
softap.static.gatewayRenamed from softap.gateway
softap.static.ipRenamed from softap.ip
softap.static.netmaskRenamed from softap.netmask
system.boot.imageRenamed from system.boot_app
system.memory.usageRenamed from system.memory_usage
system.safemode.disabledRenamed from system.safemode_disabled
system.safemode.statusRenamed from system.safemode
wlan.antennaRemoved. Use
network.dhcpRemoved. Use wlan.dhcp.enabled
wlan.dhcp.enabledRenamed from network.dhcp.enabled
wlan.dhcp.hostnameRenamed from network.dhcp.hostname
wlan.dhcp.timeoutRenamed from network.dhcp.timeout from network.dns from network.gateway from network.ip from network.netmask from network.status from network.status_gpio
wlan.static.dnsRenamed from static.dns
wlan.static.gatewayRenamed from static.gateway
wlan.static.ipRenamed from static.ip
wlan.static.netmaskRenamed from static.netmask