Application Examples

Examples on this page provide a great way to get started writing applications that use ZentriOS. A number of examples use two ZentriOS devices running ZentriOS to demonstrate end-to-end connected applications. We have lots more application examples on the way. If you have a specific application in mind, please create a support ticket and provide details. We'll do our best to write up your application and add it here.


Recent Changes

App NoteZentriOS Version
Last Modified
Creating a Custom ZentriOS Bundlev3.02016-Oct-20
HTTP Upload Demonstrationv1.02015-Nov-19
HTTP RESTful API v2.12015-Apr-28
Wi-Fi Remote Terminalv2.12015-Apr-21
Web App Recoveryv2.22015-Apr-08
UDP Clientv1.12015-Mar-31
Wireless Serial Portv2.12015-Mar-24
Customizing the ZentriOS Web App v2.12015-Mar-09
File System v2.02015-Mar-05
TCP Clientv1.02015-Feb-14
TCP Server + SoftAPv1.02015-Feb-13
TCP Client and UDP Client Auto-Connectv2.12015-Feb-03

By Topic

ADC Data Transmission

Broadcast UDP


File System

Firmware Update & Recovery, Safe Mode

HTTP Upload

HTTP Server with RESTful API, JavaScript API, Python API


Serial Interface

Soft AP

Stream Mode

TCP Client

TCP Server

UDP Client

UDP Server