Release Notes for ZentriOS-WL-1.4

ZentriOS-WL-1.4 fixes a number of issues and adds new features.

The file_copy command allows an existing file to be copied to a new file with a different name.

The softap.max_clients variable allows limiting the number of connected SoftAP clients.

There are general improvements and a number of issues have been fixed.

Known Issues (v1.4.0)

Last Updated : April, 2018

Known issues from previous versions have been fixed except for the following:

http_postThe http_post works as a GET method, not as a POST method. Any POST content sent after the command response is ignored.
http_postThe http_get and http_post commands work only when connected to and http server on port 80.

Fixes and Improvements

BroadcastThe MAC address is no longer broadcast when not included in
HTTP Clienthttp_download now works with files greater than 6kB in size.
SoftAPThe SoftAP now restarts after issuing network_restart, if softap.auto_start is True.
Running network_restart followed by a random character no longer starts the SoftAP.
The variable softap.captive_portal_enabled now has the correct abbreviation so v.
StreamSetting to a value greater than 65535 now results in an Invalid argument error.
Attempting to stream_write packets of size greater than 2920 bytes no longer silently fails.
Stream ModeThe device no longer boots in Command mode when bus.mode is set to stream.
TLS ClientThe tls_client command no longer results in an exception if the ca_cert_filename argument is set to an invalid or non-existent cert file. Instead the response is Command failed.
UDP ServerThe default value of udp.server.port is now 3000.
When the UDP server is started, stopped and started again, stream_poll now shows only a single instance of the UDP server stream.
The now indicates when data is available to be read.
WLANThe variables wlan.static.dns, wlan.static.netmask, wlan.static.ip and wlan.static.gateway can no longer be set to invalid IP addresses.
Inputting a random string in response to the network_up -s command now results in an error. The device no longer associates with the first SSID in the scan list.

Commands Added

file_copyCopy an existing file to a new file.

Variables Added

softap.max_clientsLimit the number of connected SoftAP clients.

Variables Changed

softap.captive_portal_enabledThe variable softap.captive_portal_enabled now has the correct abbreviation so v