Release Notes for ZentriOS-WL-1.2

ZentriOS-WL-1.2 provides full TLS client support.

The http_get command is now supported. The faults_print command is now fully supported. Other commands have additional arguments and features, and some have defined limitations.

Known Issues (v1.2.0)

Last Updated : July, 2017

Known issues from previous versions have been fixed.

Fixes and Improvements

Bus STREAM modeThe tcp_client command now works when issued during breakout from STREAM mode.
The STREAM mode enabled stream now appears in the output of the stream_list command.
DMS and OTAThe dms activate and claim commands now trigger network up.
ioconnFixed a problem where using the ioconn feature intermittently caused a hard fault.
Soft APAttempting to set softap.static.ip with a badly formatted IP address now results in an invalid argument error.
Setting softap.passkey to "" now enables the Soft AP with open security. Fixed an issue where setting an empty passkey disabled the Soft AP.
StreamsFixed a problem with stream_read data loss for large rx sizes, by restricting data size to 1000 bytes.
Prior to ZentriOS-WL-1.2, when a stream was disconnected by its remote peer, ZentriOS-WL automatically closed the stream regardless of the stream data buffer contents, resulting in possible loss of data. In ZentriOS-WL-1.2 streams no longer auto-close, and must be specifically closed by the stream_close command.
Fixed a problem where stream_poll returned 0 for a TLS client stream.
stream_poll now returns unread bytes remaining.
TCPZentriOS-WL now acknowledges packets only after they are read by the app layer, resulting in a memory saving.
uart_updateThe uart_update command now sends back 'Success' to the console before updating the UART settings.
Web InterfaceFixed a problem where ZentriOS-WL crashed on uploading a large file via the web interface.
Web SetupThe setup web command now sends messages to the console indicating Softap SSID and channel, client IP address, listening port and success.

Commands Added

http_get HTTP(S) GET request.
tls_client Open secure TCP stream to remote server. Marked "not supported" in WL-1.1. Supported in WL-1.2.

Commands Changed

stream_readThe stream_read command read parameter is now limited to a maximum of 1000 bytes. If a larger size parameter is specified, stream_read returns only 1000 bytes.
tcp_clientThe -g option for the tcp_client command is now supported.
udp_clientThe -g option for the udp_client command is now supported.

Variables Added

network.tls.ca_cert Marked "not supported" in WL-1.1. Supported in WL-1.2.
network.tls.client_cert Marked "not supported" in WL-1.1. Supported in WL-1.2.
network.tls.client_key Marked "not supported" in WL-1.1. Supported in WL-1.2.
network.tls.version Marked "not supported" in WL-1.1. Supported in WL-1.2.
tcp.client.tls_enabled Marked "not supported" in WL-1.1. Supported in WL-1.2.