System Functions

System functions cover the configuration, status and control of a number of miscellaneous and loosely coupled features. These are managed by the system variables and other commands and variables, as follows:

Configuring ZentriOS Command Mode and Response

ZentriOS commands can be entered manually via a ZentriOS terminal or by a host MCU system.

There are optimizations for human and machine control.


Power management

Power consumption can be minimized, and battery life extended, by a number of strategies.

Commands and variables:

Sleeping and Waking

When the module is not required to be active, you can put it into a low-power sleep mode with the sleep command, but don't forget to configure a wake mechanism before putting the module in a sleep state. This wake can be either a timeout (system.wakeup.timeout). .

The module may also be awoken from sleep with a power cycle.

It is also possible to set the module to go to sleep after a specified time by setting system.gotosleep.timeout.

Monitoring System State

System state can be monitored via visual indication by LED, system messages and GPIO level indication.

State monitoring variables:

Sub-system states can also be associated with GPIOs. See Peripherals.

For a detailed snapshot of system state get the values of all the ZentriOS variables:

get all

System Identification and Version

Commands and variables: