Release Notes for ZentriOS-WL-1.1

ZentriOS-WL-1.1 contains a restricted set of the commands and variables available with ZentriOS-W and ZentriOS-WZ. This edition supports the AMW007 Spectre.

See Commands and Variables.

ZentriOS-WL-1.1 provides a number of fixes and improvements, and adds several new commands and variables with support for HTTP and OOB (Out-Of-Band) interrupt features.

New HTTP commands allow POST and HEAD requests, adding headers to requests to supply additional information, and reading the status of request responses.

You can set the 404 response page for the device HTTP server.

OOB interrupts are supported for TCP server connected and TCP client data ready events, via system.oob variables.

ZentriOS-WL-1.1 does not support TLS, except in OTA operations.

Known Issues (v1.1.2)

Last Updated : April, 2017

No known issues.

Fixes and Improvements

UARTFixed: at high UART baud, stream mode lost TCP packets
Fixed: at high UART baud, characters were missing or repeated
OTAFixed: DMS connection timed out waiting for flash to be erased
Fixed: OTA incorrectly reported "firmware up to date"
broadcast.dataFixed: setting UUID failed
Remote TerminalFixed: closing remote terminal resulted in errors
DNSFixed: DNS lookup intermittently failed

Commands Added

http_add_header Add custom HTTP header
http_head HTTP(S) HEAD request
http_post HTTP(S) POST request
http_read_status Read HTTP response code

Variables Added

http.server.notfound_filename filename 404 error page
system.oob.event_mask OOB GPIO triggerable events masks
system.oob.gpio OOB GPIO number
system.oob.gpio_level OOB GPIO active level
system.oob.rising_edge_mask events that trigger on rising edge
system.oob.status OOB GPIO triggered events mask
tcp.server.connected_gpio GPIO to indicate client connected
tcp.server.data_gpio GPIO to indicate client data ready
tcp.server.idle_timeout idle time before client disconnected

Variables Removed

tcp.keepalive.enabledkeepalive is not supported in this version
tcp.keepalive.initial_timeoutkeepalive is not supported in this version
tcp.keepalive.retry_countkeepalive is not supported in this version
tcp.keepalive.retry_timeoutkeepalive is not supported in this version