Release Notes for ZentriOS-W-3.6

ZentriOS-W-3.6 has new features and fixes.

The ota command has an added option to allow automatic flash formatting if product code changes in the course of an OTA.

Updating from WiConnect

See Updating your WiConnect device to update a device running WiConnect version 2.4 or earlier.

For a version history, see ZentriOS Editions and Versions.

Known Issues (v3.6.0)

Last Updated : March, 2018

All known issues in v3.5 and earlier versions have been fixed, with the exception of the following.

DescriptionSolution or Workaround
The Captive Portal feature does not redirect correctly when connecting to the Soft AP from a Windows 10 system.Type in the required URL after joining the Soft AP network. For example, when using the setup web feature, type the URL

Changelog (v3.6.0)

Last Updated : March, 2018

Fixes and Improvements

NTPFixed a problem where enabling MDNS prevented NTP updating module time.
UART BAUDFixed a problem in stream mode, where changing the serial baud rate, then issuing the breakout string (e.g. $$$), resulted in a non-responsive state then a reboot.
Soft AP DHCPFixed a problem where a client connection event was not triggered when the SoftAP DHCP server was disabled, so softap.client_list did not include a successfully connected Soft AP client with a static IP address.

Commands Added


Commands Changed

otaota has a new -x option , to enable flash formatting if the product code before OTA differs from the product code after OTA.

Variables Added


Variables Changed