Release Notes for ZentriOS-W-3.5

ZentriOS-W-3.5 contains the following fixes.

A security patch for KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attack) has been applied.

Captive portal can now be enabled or disabled during web setup, using the new variable setup.web.captive_portal_enabled.

Automatic continuation frames are enabled for large writes to websocket client/server streams, using the new stream_write -c option.

Periodic UDP broadcast is now always enabled in web setup mode. See broadcast.interval.

A device now checks into the DMS each time it connects to the Internet, and each time it resolves a new domain. The check-in uses a lightweight protocol, with a low cost to device memory and processing. This allows the DMS to provide each customer with statistics and geolocation for all active devices. See dms.ack.enabled.

The maximum number of softAP clients is now 2.

Updating from WiConnect

See Updating your WiConnect device to update a device running WiConnect version 2.4 or earlier.

For a version history, see ZentriOS Editions and Versions.

Known Issues (v3.5.0)

Last Updated : November, 2017

All known issues in v3.4 and earlier versions have been fixed, with the exception of the following.

DescriptionSolution or Workaround
The Captive Portal feature does not redirect correctly when connecting to the Soft AP from a Windows 10 system.Type in the required URL after joining the Soft AP network. For example, when using the setup web feature, type the URL

Changelog (v3.5.0)

Last Updated : November, 2017

Fixes and Improvements

DMS check-inAdded a DMS check-in to allow customers to monitor active devices. See dms.ack.enabled.
SleepCorrected Real Time Clock issues that prevented the device waking from sleep reliably.
Websocket ClientFixed a problem that prevented bus.command.write_check_enabled from fully working with a Websocket Client stream as it does not account for websocket frame overhead.
Password lengthFixed a problem with calculating password length. Escape characters are now taken into account.

Commands Changed

stream_writestream_write has a new -c option , to enable automatic continuation frames for large writes to websocket client/server streams.

Variables Added

setup.web.captive_portal_enabledEnable or disable captive portal during web setup
dms.ack.enabledEnable or disable DMS check-in.

Variables Changed

broadcast.intervalPeriodic UDP broadcast is now always enabled in web setup mode.
softap.max_clientsThe maximum number of softap clients is 2.