Updating from WiConnect to ZentriOS

ZentriOS offers the extensive and powerful features of WiConnect, together with significant new and enhanced capabilities.

Major new features offered by ZentriOS include the ability to create custom firmware bundles using the Zentri Device Management Service. Devices running custom firmware bundles can be remotely updated in the field using the Zentri Device Management Service (DMS).

In addition to being able to update device firmware and files remotely, the DMS offers services including geolocation of devices, a cloud file system for devices, and device health and telemetry. For a full feature list, see Zentri Device Management Service.


After updating a device to ZentriOS 3.0 or above, the device can NOT be downgraded to WiConnect.

To update a device running WiConnect to ZentriOS, you need to sign up for an account with the Zentri DMS and then you need to claim and activate your device. The terms claim and activate are used in a special sense with the DMS, and are defined as follows.

To update from WiConnect to ZentriOS, the steps are:

These steps are described in detail below.

Signing up with the DMS

To sign up for an account with the DMS, go to the Zentri DMS Sign up page:


During the sign up process, you will create a DMS username and password.

Claim Your Device

To claim a device and activate it as the generic ZentriOS product matching the device, issue the ota command with the activate option:

ota -a <DMS username> <DMS password>

After you have claimed the device, future OTA update requests are directed to the Zentri Device Management Service.

Update ZentriOS Using OTA

Once the device is claimed, update to ZentriOS by issuing the ota command. See ota.

Note: OTA requires a memory-intensive TLS connection, and may fail if memory is low. See Networking and Security, Increasing Available Memory for TLS.

Note: Updates from WiConnect to ZentriOS can be performed only from WiConnect- and above.

If the device has a version of WiConnect earlier than WiConnect-, update is a two-step process:

Updating to a Specific Product

You can update from WiConnect to a specific ZentriOS 3.0+ product, rather than to ZentriOS 3.0+, in a single step.

Use the ota command with the -a activation option, supplying the product ID as follows:

ota -a <product ID>:<user> <pass>
ota -f

You can also claim and activate using an activation token:

ota -a <product ID> <activation token>
ota -f

For details on using an activation token, see DMS, activation token

The ZentriOS dms Command

When using ZentriOS, the dms command is used to claim and activate devices (rather than ota -a):

Activate a Product by Product Code

To activate a device to a specific product, use the dms activate command.

dms activate <product code>

To update the device to the latest published firmware bundle for the product:


When issued with no arguments, the OTA command updates to the most recent firmware bundle version for the product, or does nothing if the device already has the most recent version installed.