Application Examples

Examples on this page provide a great way to get started writing applications that use ZentriOS. A number of examples use two ZentriOS devices running ZentriOS to demonstrate end-to-end connected applications. We have lots more application examples on the way. If you have a specific application in mind, please create a support ticket and provide details. We'll do our best to write up your application and add it here.


Recent Changes

App NoteZentriOS Version
Last Modified
HTTPS Intermediate Certificatesv3.12016-Apr-07
Serial HTTP Server Demonstrationv3.02016-Mar-15
SMTP Secure Email Demonstrationv3.02016-Feb-09
HTTP Upload Demonstrationv1.02015-Nov-19
HTTP Server WebSocket Demonstrationv2.12015-May-05
Using the HTTP GET and POST Commands v1.02015-Apr-30
HTTP RESTful API v2.12015-Apr-28
Wi-Fi Remote Terminalv2.12015-Apr-21
Handling Multiple Clients with OOB Interruptsv2.22015-Apr-10
Web App Recoveryv2.22015-Apr-08
UDP Clientv1.12015-Mar-31
Wireless Serial Portv2.12015-Mar-24
Customizing the ZentriOS Web App v2.12015-Mar-09
File System v2.02015-Mar-05
Power Managementv1.22015-Feb-26
TCP Clientv1.02015-Feb-14
TCP Server + SoftAPv1.02015-Feb-13
TCP Client and UDP Client Auto-Connectv2.12015-Feb-03
Secure HTTP Server, with Client Authenticationv2.12015-Feb-03
mDNS Discovery v2.12015-Feb-03

By Topic

ADC Data Transmission

Broadcast UDP

File System

Firmware Update & Recovery, Safe Mode

HTTP Upload


HTTP Server with RESTful API, JavaScript API, Python API

Serial HTTP Server

mDNS Network Discovery


Power Management

Serial Interface

Soft AP


Stream Mode

TCP Client

TLS Client

TCP Server

UDP Client

UDP Server