Update and Recovery

The Zentri Device Management Server (DMS) provides services such as OTA (Over the Air) updates to Zentri devices.

To update a BLE device, use the Zentri BLE Manager. This is available for:

The screen pictures shown below are for the Android app. The iOS app screens are similar.

The Zentri BLE Manager allows you to:

The Zentri BLE Manager runs on your mobile device, and communicates via BLE with your ZentriOS BLE device, and with the DMS via the Internet. Before running the Zentri BLE Manager, ensure your ZentriOS BLE device is in range and powered up.

Logging in to the DMS

In order to manage the device for you, the app needs to make contact with the DMS using your DMS credentials.

If you already have a DMS account, login with your username and password. If not, you can set up a new DMS account via the link on the Manager app.

The app then displays the Scan page.

Scanning and Selecting your Device

The app scans for nearby Zentri BLE devices and displays the IDs on the Scan page:

Select the device to manage it. If you have a ZentriOS-S product, the app displays the Device Details page. If you have an earlier TruConnect version, the app detects this and displays the Transition to ZentriOS-S page. See Updating from TruConnect.

The buttons on the bottom of the screen are, from left to right:

Updating from TruConnect

If after selecting your device, the Zentri BLE Manager app detects a TruConnect version earlier than ZentriOS-S 3.0, it prompts to update to the latest ZentriOS-S version. .

During the update, a BLE Reset is required. See Updating and BLE Reset.

In the course of updating to ZentriOS-S from TruConnect, the app claims your device automatically. For more details of claiming, see Claiming Your Device.

Claiming Your Device

When you claim a device, the DMS associates the device with your DMS user account.

Claiming the device allows you to update the device via the DMS and select new products for the device.

When you use the DMS with ZentriOS-S, the DMS stores an AES key on your device flash. Communication with the DMS is encrypted, and the firmware image is encrypted on the device with that AES key. This ensures secure updating and management of your device firmware.

If your device is running a ZentriOS-S product, and you have not yet claimed the device, the manager displays a message indicating the device must be claimed before it can be managed.

To claim, press the Settings button (cog button).

Press the Claim button to claim your device.

When your device is claimed, the app displays the Device Details page.

Device Details

The device details page shows the DMS status of the selected ZentriOS-S device:

To change the device settings, or to change Product, choose settings (press the 'Cog' button) to move to the Change product page.

Press Update to update to the product displayed in the Update box.

Changing Product

Choose settings (press the 'Cog' button) to move to the Change product page.

Press the product name drop down and select your desired product from the list.

The products listed are those for which your DMS user has permission. If you do not see your required product here, contact Zentri.

During the update, a BLE Reset is required. See Updating and BLE Reset.

Updating and BLE Reset

When changing or updating a product, your mobile device requires a BLE reset to allow it to correctly rediscover the state of the updated device.

The app shows a BLE Reset confirmation page.

When you confirm the app updates your product.

Then the BLE Reset takes place.

In some circumstances you may have to restart BLE outside the app, using your mobile device BLE Settings.

When the update is complete, the app displays the Update Complete message.

About the Zentri BLE Manager

Click the Z button on the Scan page to view the About page. It shows the Zentri BLE Manager version and provides a link to the zentri.com site.

View Profile and Log Out

Click the bottom left button on the Scan Results page to view the DMS Profile page. It shows your DMS user name and email address, and displays the Log Out button.

Unclaiming a Device

You may wish to unclaim your device to remove the association in the DMS between the device and your user.

Choose settings (press the 'Cog' button) to move to the Change product page.

Press the Unclaim button.

The DMS removes the link between your DMS user and the DMS device record.