Getting Started with ZentriOS BLE

ZentriOS-S provides a wireless link between your device(s) and/or a PC or mobile device.

ZentriOS-S connects to other ZentriOS-S modules and to the Zentri BLE mobile apps.

A Wahoo evaluation board boots up with advertising turned on, and is discoverable by another Wahoo board or by the Zentri BLE Commander App, available free from the Google Play Store or Apple store.

Opening a ZentriOS Terminal

You can connect a computer to your ZentriOS device via USB and issue commands via a serial terminal.

Using Zentri BLE Commander and Zentri Streaming Service

With the Zentri BLE Commander you can connect to a device running any ZentriOS-S product supporting the Zentri Streaming Service.

Install Zentri BLE Commander on your mobile device.

Power up the ZentriOS-S device.

Follow the procedure Opening a ZentriOS Terminal for the ZentriOS-S device.

Run the Commander app on your mobile device. The Commander scans and detects available ZentriOS-S devices.

Select your ZentriOS-S device.

The Commander connects to the ZentriOS-S device.

The Commander defaults to stream mode.

Type characters into the Commander text entry box and press SEND. The characters are streamed to the ZentriOS terminal window for your device.

Type characters into the ZentriOS terminal window for the device. The characters appear in the Commander text window.

Note that in the above ZentriOS terminal example, local echo is not turned on, so the text typed in the terminal, Sent from ZentriOS device, does not appear on the terminal display.

Press the COMMAND button to switch to command mode.

Enter a ZentriOS command (e.g ver) in the Commander text box window and press SEND. The Commander displays the response from the device in its text window.

Streaming Data Between Two Wahoo Boards

With the ZentriOS-S ZENTRI-DUAL product (or with the superseded ZENTRI-TRUCONNECT product), you can connect two Wahoo evaluation boards and stream data between them via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Let's get started! Work through the following sections in order.

Follow the procedure Opening a ZentriOS Terminal, above, for each board.

Switching to Command Mode

Scanning and Connecting

> scan high
!  # RSSI BD_ADDR           Device Name
#  1  -89 4C:55:CC:10:07:e1 AMS-07E1
> con 1

Switching to Stream Mode and Sending and Receiving Data