ZentriOS is an IoT operating system, with a range of editions that support different features.

Your choice of ZentriOS edition depends on these questions:

ZentriOS Features

High-level features include:

Wi-Fi802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11nZentriOS-WZ, ZentriOS-W, ZentriOS-WL, ZentriOS-XZ
BLEBluetooth Low Energy, also known as Bluetooth SmartZentriOS-S, ZentriOS-XZ
Command APIApps hosted on an external MCU use a Command API, via serial interface, remote terminal, or REST API.
See Command API Applications below.
Wi-Fi: ZentriOS-WZ, ZentriOS-W
BLE: ZentriOS-S
Command API LiteA subset of the Command API, with serial interface and remote terminal access.
See Command API Applications below.
Wi-Fi: ZentriOS-WL
ZAPs and SDKZentriOS Apps: apps hosted on the ZentriOS device are built with the ZentriOS-WZ SDK and use the Native API.
See ZAPs - Native Applications below.
Wi-Fi: ZentriOS-WZ SDK
Wi-Fi and BLE: ZentriOS-XZ SDK

For a detailed comparison of features, see Detailed Edition Feature Comparison below.

For details of feature implementation and access, follow the menu links to the edition documentation.

ZentriOS Editions and Platforms

Each ZentriOS edition is released for a specific range of platforms with sufficient memory, processor speed and capabilities for the ZentriOS edition and the features it supports.

Choose your edition and platform according to the features you need.

EditionFeaturesWi‑FiBLECommand APIZAPPlatforms
ZentriOS-WZWi-Fi, Command API, ZAPs & SDKAMW004, AMW106, AMW136, NXP-SCCK
ZentriOS-WWi-Fi, Command APIAMW004, AMW006, AMW036, AMW106, AMW136
ZentriOS-WLWi-Fi, Command API LiteAMW007, AMW037
ZentriOS-SBLE, Command APIAMS001, AMS002
ZentriOS-XZWi-Fi, Wi-Fi Command API, BLE, ZAPs & SDKWi-Fi command API, BLE via ZAP onlyAVN4343

Edition links in the menu and this page go to the latest version of each edition. For earlier editions and versions, see ZentriOS Editions and Versions.

Command API Applications

Command API applications run on a host external to the ZentriOS device. The host can be an MCU, mobile device or other computing platform. The Command API application uses the ZentriOS Command API to access ZentriOS functions, via serial terminal, remote terminal or REST API.

A Command API application is not limited by the ZentriOS device hardware, but involves additional cost for the external host and related hardware.

Build Wi-Fi Command API applications with ZentriOS-WZ and ZentriOS-W.

Build Wi-Fi Command API Lite applications with ZentriOS-WL.

Build BLE Command API applications using ZentriOS-S.

ZAPs - Native API Applications

ZAPs are ZentriOS apps, that run on ZentriOS and use the ZentriOS Native API to access ZentriOS functions.

A ZAP is limited by the ZentriOS device hardware, but avoids the cost of an external host and related hardware.

Build ZAPs using the ZentriOS-WZ SDK or the ZentriOS-XZ SDK.

Detailed Edition Feature Comparison

ZentriOS-W supports a wide range of features.

ZentriOS-WZ and ZentriOS-XZ support all the features of ZentriOS-W. In addition, ZentriOS-WZ and ZentriOS-XZ support custom ZentriOS applications (ZAPs) via the ZentriOS Native API and SDK. ZAP libraries and APIs provide support for some features not available in ZentriOS-W. Additional command API interfaces to new features can be added.

ZentriOS-XZ provides additional BLE support for ZAPs via the ZentriOS Native API and SDK.

ZentriOS-WL supports fewer features, and more limited configuration options, due to hardware configuration and limited available memory. WL support for authentication is limited to OTA.

FeatureXZ‑3.3WZ‑3.4W‑3.4WL‑1.4WL NotesOther Notes
ADCNo hardware supportSupport for MCU Analog to Digital Converters
Broadcast dataBroadcast module properties in JSON format
BusLimitedWL does not provide write check, or separate data/log bus options
Command APIWL has commands and variables for all its supported features
Command response bufferingPlanned
Command response time stampsPlanned
Command: multiple command UARTsNo hardware support
Crystal driven RTCNo hardware support
DACNo hardware supportSupporting hardware: currently AMW004 only
DHCP client
DHCP servervia Soft AP interface
DHCP server lease timePlanned
DNS serverPlanned
Ethernet interfaceNo hardware supportSupporting hardware: currently NXP-SCCK only
Flash file system
Flash file system: bulk flashRoadmap
Flash file system: User encrypted filesNo hardware support
GPIO aliasRoadmap
GPIO configuration fileRoadmap
GPIO sleepUnder evaluation
HTTP clientPlanned
HTTP server
HTTP server Basic authPlanned
HTTP server not found/missing default pages
HTTP Client TLS certificatesPlanned
HTTPS clientHTTPS client supported
HTTPS serverHTTPS server unavailable
I2CNo hardware support
IO ConnectionGPIO controlled network connection
Network: multiple socketsMultiple socket support under evaluationXZ, WZ and W support up to 8 sockets or streams. WL supports only one.
Network: buffer size configurableRoadmap
NTPNetwork Time Management
PWMNo hardware supportSupport for MCU Pulse Width Modulators
Remote Terminal
S2CPlanned for limited functionalitySilicon to Cloud - Zentri protocols, interfaces and APIs for creating integrated mobile, hardware and cloud applications
Setup Net ConfigLimitedFewer config options in WL
Setup WebSet up network credentials using ZentriOS Web App
Setup scriptsRoadmap
Soft APWL does not support concurrent SoftAP and WLAN
Soft AP client RSSIUnder evaluation
Soft AP and WLAN interfaces simultaneouslyUnder evaluation
SPI masterRoadmap
SMTPRoadmapEmail, SMTP client
Stream auto-closePlanned
System activity GPIOPlanned
System: lockRoadmapLock certain variables from reset
System: factory reset configurable GPIORoadmapW has auxiliary factory reset GPIO. WL hard coded
System: OOBLimitedWL supports a subset of eventsOut-of-band Interrupts
System: powersave modeNo hardware supportNot applicable to AMW0x7 hardware
TCP client
TCP server
TCP server multiple clientsNot planned, more than one possible, but limited by RAM
TLS clientFull TLS client support
TLS serverTLS server unavailable for user connections in WL
UART BAUD > 5.25MbpsNo hardware support
UDP serverPlanned
Websocket client/serverPlanned
WLAN RSSI averagingPlanned
ZentriOS Web AppCustomisable app providing setup, monitoring, command interface, and more
ZAPsNo hardware resourcesZentriOS Apps - features supported by APIs
ZAP MQTT libraryIBM Bluemix support
ZAP SMQ librarySimple Message Queue
ZAP Bluetooth supportXZ provides Native API Bluetooth support, but not Command API Bluetooth support