Zentri Documentation Site Search

The Zentri Documentation Site search system is restricted to the documentation on the site. Type search terms in the search box above the menu.

The search indexes whole words, so searching for a fragment of a word may not provide the expected response.

Limiting Search to Subsites

When you start a search on a particular subsite, a search path pops up below the search text box. Click a path component in the search path to search only within that component. By default the search is limited to the subsite of the current page.

So for example, if you search from a page in the ZentriOS-WZ latest command API subsite, the default path is docs/zentrios/wz/latest/cmd. If you want to search all versions, not just latest, click the wz component. If you want to search all editions, not just wz, click the zentrios component. To search all Zentri docs, click the docs component.

Search Syntax

Filter your search by adding additional search terms. This changes the weighting of responses and the order in which responses are listed.

You can group words by enclosing them in double quotes. For example:

"http server"

This finds only pages that have that sequence of words.

To search for a related Native API function, use the fact that group appears in the URL for Native API group documentation pages, and sdk appears in the path:

"http server" group sdk