Zentri Documentation Site Search

The Zentri Documentation Site uses Google Site Search, and has many of the features of a general Google search, restricted to the documentation on the site. Type search terms in the search box above the menu.

Google search indexes whole words, so searching for a fragment of a word may not provide the expected response.

Limiting Search to Subsites

The search is limited to the subsite containing the page where you start the search.

Search subsites:

So for example, if you search from a page in the ZentriOS-W-3.3 documentation overview, the search covers the ZentriOS documentation, and does not find pages in the DMS documentation or the hardware documentation.

To refine your search to sections within particular editions and version, use additional search words to filter on edition and version and other terms. See Filtering below.


Filter your search by adding additional search terms. This changes the weighting of responses and the order in which responses are listed. Exclude search terms by preceding the term with -.

For example, to search for http under the ZentriOS documentation, start on a page in the ZentriOS documentation, and type the search:


This search for a commonly used term may result in duplication and irrelevant responses.

To restrict the search to the ZentriOS-WZ-3.3 edition and version, type:

http wz 3.3

To restrict the search to the ZentriOS-W-3.3 edition and version, enclose w in quotes, otherwise Google interprets w as an abbreviation for with. Type:

http "w" 3.3

To restrict the search to the ZentriOS-WZ-3.3 edition and version, with a preference for the command api, type:

http wz 3.3 command api

The command API documentation in all editions includes cmd in the URL, so you can add this term for command API filtering:

http wz 3.3 cmd

To indicate a preference for http server command api variables:

wz 3.3 command api http server variables

To search for a related Native API function, use the fact that group appears in the URL for Native API group documentation pages:

wz 3.3 http server group

To exclude words, precede the word with a -:

Find Native API http server functions, but not stream functions, and not macros:

wz 3.3 http server group -stream -macro

To search for rssi references not in the SDK documentation:

rssi -sdk