Zentri Glossary

AMWx06Describes the common features of the Zentri AMW006 and AMW106 modules. The AMW106 has more memory and a faster CPU than the AMW006, but otherwise these modules are identical.
AMWx36Describes the common features of the Zentri AMW036 and AMW136 modules. The AMW136 has more memory and a faster CPU than the AMW036, but otherwise these modules are identical.
AMWxx6Describes the common features of the Zentri AMW006, AMW106, AMW036 and AMW136 modules.
AMW0x7Describes the common features of the Zentri AMW007 and AMW037 modules. The AMW037 has a PCB antenna but otherwise these modules are identical.
BundleA bundle, or firmware bundle, is an app developed for a specific platform, a specific ZentriOS firmware version, combined with the ZentriOS firmware version. Installing an app consists of installing the related firmware bundle.
Connectivity DeviceA device that provides another device with a connection to other devices or a network. Flavors of ZentriOS provide Wi-Fi and BLE connectivity.
DeviceIn the ZentriOS SDK and DMS context, a device is an instance of a product: a particular hardware item containing the product platform and running the product app
DLADynamically Loadable Application - A ZentriOS app is a DLA
DMSDevice Management Server - the Zentri DMS tracks the platforms, products and firmware bundles available to a customer and that customer's users
EditionThe ZentriOS edition describes the capabilities of ZentriOS:
  • ZentriOS-W - Wi-Fi
  • ZentriOS-S - Bluetooth Smart (BLE)
  • ZentriOS-Z - ZAP
Editions can be combined, e.g. ZentriOS-WZ is required for developing Wi-Fi ZentriOS apps. See ZentriOS
ESPEmbedded Secure Platform - a device that can run ZentriOS apps
Firmware BundleSee Bundle
IDEIntegrated Development Environment, such as Eclipse
MCUMicrocontroller Unit - in the context of command-driven ZentriOS applications refers to the host MCU external to a ZentriOS module; or in the ZAP context, refers to the MCU internal to the ZentriOS module
NVMNon-Volatile Memory - an area of persistent memory in which ZentriOS variable values are stored. See Variable Configuration.
NVM backupAn area of flash storage to which NVM backup variables are saved. See Variable Configuration.
NVM backup variablesThe subset of critical variables that is saved to NVM backup. See Variable Configuration.
NVM flashAn area of flash to which NVM memory is saved. See Variable Configuration.
OPNOrderable Part Number
PlatformIn the ZentriOS SDK and DMS context, a platform is a configuration of hardware that includes a component running ZentriOS firmware. A platform runs a version of ZentriOS compiled specifically for that platform.
ProductIn the ZentriOS SDK and DMS context, a product consists of a ZentriOS app running on a specific platform, and other properties common to devices instantiating the product, such as a title and a product code.
S2CSilicon To Cloud - Zentri's hardware and software offerings allow connectivity, control and monitoring from silicon level to cloud level.
SDKSoftware Development Kit
StreamThe term stream has different meanings depending on the context:
  • Wi-Fi Network or File Stream - A specific construct managed by ZentriOS for reading and writing data to files or network connections. See Network Connections and Streams.
  • STREAM mode
  • A serial bus mode in which data passes directly between a ZentriOS module UART and a wireless interface. See Serial Interface, Stream Mode.
  • General stream - the concept of a single continuous stream of data. See the article TCP is a Stream.
ZAPZentriOS app - a ZentriOS-device-hosted custom application developed with the ZentriOS SDK and using the ZentriOS API
ZOSAbbreviation for ZentriOS