ZentriOS Wi-Fi Version History

WiConnect is now ZentriOS Wi-Fi

ZentriOS Wi-Fi is a far superior and more capable evolution of WiConnect.

ZentriOS offers the extensive and powerful features of WiConnect, together with significant new and enhanced capabilities.

Major new features offered by ZentriOS include the ability to create custom firmware bundles using the Zentri Device Management Service, and write custom applications that run on ZentriOS devices using the ZentriOS SDK. Devices running custom ZentriOS Apps and firmware bundles can be remotely updated in the field using the Zentri Device Management Service (DMS). In addition to being able to update device firmware and files remotely, the DMS offers services including geolocation of devices, a cloud file system for devices, and device health and telemetry. For a full feature list, see Zentri Device Management Service.

See Updating your WiConnect device to update now.

ZentriOS Versions

Legacy WiConnect Versions

Reference Guides for older WiConnect versions are available in PDF format.