goHACK.me Nest Integration

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This application uses an ACKme evaluation boards to demonstrate Nest integration. A button on the evaluation board triggers a Nest thermostat to switch to Heat/Cool mode.

To follow through these steps, you require a Nest account.

Set up the module for goHACK.me solo mode, and activate with your free goHACK.me account.

From your goHACK.me account, authorize goHACKme integration with Nest.

Then set up a trigger on Module 1 Button 1, on change, to switch a Nest thermostat to Heat/Cool mode.

Press Button 1 on the module 1, and the Nest thermostat enters the specified mode.


First, set up a free goHACK.me account, download the goHACK.me solo caps file and activate the device with the account. See Getting Started with goHACK.me.

Go to the goHACK.me site and log in.

Authorizing goHACK.me with Nest

Go to the Account tab and click the Connect Nest Thermostat link.

The Nest site displays the goHACK.me authorization request. Click CONTINUE to authorize your goHACK.me account with Nest.

If you are not already logged in to Nest, provide your Nest login details.

Once you have provided the authorization, the Nest account provides goHACK.me with the authorization token to control your Nest devices. You don't have to authorize with Nest again after this point.

You're automatically redirected back to your goHACK.me account page.

The API Integrations panel now shows the Nest connection is authorized.

Create a Trigger with a Nest Thermostat Action

Go to the goHACK.me Triggers tab. Create a trigger for button 1 change. For details of this procedure see goHACK.me Triggers, Adding a Trigger.

After creating the Trigger on button 1 change, click Add Action. From the list of available actions, choose Control Nest Thermostat.

Choose an available thermostat from your Nest thermostats.

Choose the Heat . Cool action for the thermostat.

Set the desired maximum and minimum temperatures.

Click DONE.

The trigger now shows the Nest thermostat action. Click Enabled to enable the trigger.

Trigger the Nest Thermostat Action

Press Button 1 on your ACK.me device to trigger the Nest thermostat action.

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