Release Notes for WiConnect v2.3

WiConnect 2.3 provides the following new functionality as well as general improvements, fixes for reported issues and stability enhancements.

WiConnect 2.3.1 contains the following fixes for v2.3.0:

WiConnect 2.3.2 contains the following improvements over v2.3.1:


VersionRelease Date
wiconnect- 10, 2015
wiconnect- 21, 2015
wiconnect- 26, 2015

Known Issues (v2.3.1)

Last Updated : August 10, 2015 All known issues in v2.2.0 have been fixed in the v2.3.2 release, except those listed below.

Description WPS pin mode fails in all 2.x releases. See wps. WPS PBC mode is unaffected by this fault and is still available.


Commands Added

i2c_master_configConfigure I2C slave
i2c_master_openOpen I2C stream
spi_master_configConfigure SPI slave
spi_master_openOpen SPI stream

Commands Changed

file_deleteAdded option to delete file by handle
file_openAdded option to open file by handle
http_post Added content length argument to support non-chunking HTTP servers

Variables Added

http.server.ws_connected_gpio Assign GPIO for websocket connected function
http.server.ws_data_gpio Assign GPIO for websocket data available function
spi.master.active_gpio Assign GPIO for SPI master active function
spi.master.active_level Set level for SPI master active function GPIO

Variables Changed