Module Comparison

Currently available ACKme Wi-Fi modules are:

The AMW004 Wallaby module has a faster microprocessor, has more RAM and flash, has more GPIOs and has a DAC.

The AMW006 Numbat module is smaller, consumes less power, has more independent PWMs and has a SPI slave interface.

Module differences affect GPIO configuration and the running of memory intensive features. See Peripherals and Memory.

FeatureAMW004 - WallabyAMW006 - Numbat
Total RAM128Kb96Kb
CPU Speed120MHz80MHz
Internal flash (NOT user writable)1MB512Kb
Extended (serial) flash (user writable)1MB1MB
Power consumption (3.3V supply)1.85μA to 390mA0.97μA to 360mA
Max RF Tx Output Power+18.5 dBm @ 802.11b (EVM < -9 dB)
+13.5 dBm @ 802.11n MCS7 (EVM < -28 dB)
+17.5 dBm @ 802.11b (EVM < -9 dB)
+13.5 dBm @ 802.11n MCS7 (EVM < -28 dB)
Size31.8 x 17.8 x 2.7 mm (1.25" x 0.70" x 0.11")20.3 x 15.2 x 2.7mm (0.80" x 0.60" x 0.11")
DACs1 x 12bit-
ADCs10 x 12bit9 x 12bit
Independent simultaneous PWMs47
4-Wire UART interfaces22
SPI interfaces1 x SPI-master interface2 x SPI interfaces (1 master, 1 slave)
Wake Inputs12 x edge/level sensitive wake inputs1 x ultra-low power wake input