Release Notes for WiConnect v2.1

WiConnect 2.1 provides the following new functionality as well as general improvements and stability enhancements.

WiConnect 2.1.1 contains the following changes over v2.1.0:


VersionRelease Date
wiconnect- 15, 2015
wiconnect- 3, 2015

Known Issues (v2.1.0)

Last Updated : Mar 14, 2015 All known issues in v2.0.0 have been fixed in the v2.1.0 release, except those listed below.

1. WPS fails with some wireless routers
DescriptionAs described
SolutionThis issue will be fixed in the upcoming 2.2.0 release
2. WPS pin mode does not work in v2.x
DescriptionWPS pin mode fails in all 2.x releases. See wps. WPS PBC mode is unaffected by this fault and is still available.


v2.1.0 : Changes for v2.1.0 are listed in the following tables.

Commands Added

faults_print Display system faults (previously available in safe mode only).
faults_reset Reset system faults (previously available in safe mode only).
force_safemode Force a module into safe mode.
format_flash Format extended or bulk flash.
gpios_dir Set the direction of all GPIOs simultaneously.
gpios_get Get the value of all GPIOs simultaneously.
gpios_set Set the value of all GPIOs simultaneously.
mdns_discover Discover mDNS services on the local network.
network_verify Quickly verify the credentials of a WLAN network.
smtp_send Send an email via an external SMTP server.

Commands Changed

adc_take_sample voltage and lookup table options added
file_create -u file unprotect option added. -o stream open option added.
http_download -u file unprotect option added
ls -l option added, equivalent to -v, for linux compatibility

Variables Added

ChangeDescription Specify information fields to be periodically transmitted in a packet (deprecates Periodically issue JSON formatted data to the specified host as an HTTP post request
broadcast.interface Set default interface used to transmit informational packets (deprecates broadcast.udp.interface),
broadcast.interval Set time between transmission of informational packets (deprecates broadcast.udp.interval) Flag whether to reset the flush timer if data is received before flush timeout expires.
gpio.sleep Set the state of the GPIO when sleeping.
http.server.api_enabled Enable the HTTP Server API.
http.server.denied_filename Set the filename of the HTTP Server unauthorized page.
http.server.cors_origin Specify allowed origins for HTTP cross-site requests.
http.server.enabled Enable the HTTP Server.
http.server.interface Specify HTTP Server interface.
http.server.max_clients Specify maximum clients HTTP server allows to connect.
http.server.notfound_filename Set the name of the HTTP Server 404 not found error page.
http.server.password Set HTTP Server password.
http.server.port Set HTTP Server port.
http.server.root_filename Set HTTP Server root filename.
http.server.tls_cert Set HTTP Server TLS certificate filename.
http.server.tls_enabled Enable HTTP Server TLS.
http.server.tls_key Set HTTP Server TLS key filename.
http.server.tls_verify_peer Client connecting to HTP server must provide a valid TLS certificate for validation.
http.server.username Set HTTP Server root username.
mdns.enabled Enable mDNS.
mdns.interface Specify the network interface on which the mDNS daemon runs. Set the mDNS domain name of the module.
mdns.service Advertise a module server via mDNS.
mdns.ttl Set the timeout of the module's mDNS response.
network.dns Return a comma separated list of the DNS server addresses that the wlan interface is using.
setup.gpio.mode Specify when to run the command configured with setup.gpio.cmd.
email.name_address Set the name and/or address of the email client. Set external SMTP host.
email.smtp.password Set SMTP password.
email.smtp.port Set SMTP port.
email.smtp.username Set SMTP user name.
softap.hide_ssid Hide or show the SSID (name) of the softAP.
system.adc.vref Set ADV voltage reference.
system.bflash_cs_gpio Set bulk flash chip select GPIO
system.memory_usage Display the percentage of available heap memory in use
system.oob.event_mask Set Out-of-band GPIO event mask
system.oob.gpio Set Out-of-band GPIO
system.oob.gpio_level Set Out-of-band GPIO level
system.oob.rising_edge_mask Set Out-of-band GPIO rising edge mask
system.oob.status Set Out-of-band GPIO status
tcp.client.auto_interface Interface to auto-start TCP client connection.
tcp.client.auto_retries Determine number of attempts to reconnect after remote server disconnects client.
tcp.client.auto_start Enable/disable TCP client auto-start feature.
tcp.client.remote_host Set domain or IP address of remote tcp server to auto connect.
tcp.client.remote_port Set port of remote tcp server to auto connect.
tcp.keepalive.enabled Enable/disable TCP keepalive feature of network stack.
tcp.keepalive.initial_timeout Set number of seconds for initial keepalive expiration.
tcp.keepalive.retry_count Set maximum number of times to retry keepalive.
tcp.keepalive.retry_timeout Set period of keepalive retries.
tcp.server.tls_cert Set the server TLS CA certificate filename.
tcp.server.tls_enabled Enable server TLS.
tcp.server.tls_key Set the server TLS certificate key filename.
tcp.server.tls_verify_peer Validate TLS certificate of connecting clients.
udp.client.auto_interface Set interface to auto-start UDP client connection.
udp.client.auto_start Enable/disable UDP client auto-start feature.
udp.client.remote_host Set domain or IP address of remote udp server to auto connect.
udp.client.remote_port Set port of remote UDP server to auto connect.
udp.server.lock.client Lock UDP server to first client from which it receives a packet.
udp.server.remote_host Set domain or IP address of remote udp client to auto connect.
udp.server.remote_port Set port of remote UDP client to auto connect.

Variables Changed

ChangeDescription Renamed to Old name deprecated and will be removed in future releases.
broadcast.udp.interfaceRenamed to broadcast.interface. Old name deprecated and will be removed in future releases.
broadcast.udp.interval Renamed to broadcast.interval. Old name deprecated and will be removed in future releases.
gpio.usage Now returns GPIO direction settings for each Standard I/O GPIO, in addition to information returned previously