Upgrade and Recovery

Secure OTA Firmware Update

TruConnect can be updated using the yACKme OTA app. The iOS version of the app is available free from the Apple App store or from the ACKme site, Technology tab. The Android version of the app is available from Google Play.

Open yACKme, connect to the module, then select the Update button as shown in the screen shots below.

Select the Start Update button and wait while the Update completes.

Updating to TruConnect v2.0+ from Earlier Versions

Versions from TruConnect v2.0 and later may require a flash format before updating from a version earlier than v2.0.

To OTA a new version, download the latest yACKme OTA app to your Android or iOS phone or pad device.

Apply power to your TruConnect module, then open the OTA app.

The OTA app displays the current version, and if a later version is available, the Update version.

If your installed version matches the most recent version, the OTA app displays: Up to date.

To update to a version different to the Update version listed, open the settings page and specify the required Firmware filename.

Touch the Update button to begin the update.

If updating from a version previous to v2.0 version, the OTA app may indicate a flash format is required:

Format Required
To enable new features, the device must be formatted prior to update.

Touch Continue to format the flash.

After the flash reformat is complete, the OTA app disconnects from your TruConnect device then reconnects.

It then continues with the update.