Release Notes for TruConnect 1.5.0

TruConnect 1.5 provides the following new functionality as well as general improvements and stability enhancements.

Release Info

Date March 19, 2015
Version TruConnect-

Known Issues

Last Updated : March 19, 2015

1. None reported


Commands Added

rbmode Set bus mode for a remote module

Commands Changed

gfu Added GPIO functions: activity, ble_blink, shutdown, sleepwake
save Added optional lock argument to save factory

Variables Added

ce s h d Configure high rate scan duration
ce s h i Configure high rate scan interval
ce s l d Configure low rate scan duration
ce s l i Configure low rate scan interval
sy a t System activity timeout (used with activity GPIO function)
sy i s Set the blink pattern of the system indication status LED
sy s t System go-to-sleep timeout
sy v TruConnect version (convenience alias for ver)
sy w t System wake-up timeout
us v Variable for general storage (up to 32-bytes)

Variables Changed

al get al now returns all variables and the GPIO configuration
bl v h d Added option to advertise forever at high rate
bl v l d Added option to advertise forever at low rate