Zentri Silicon-to-Cloud Platform

The Zentri Silicon-to-Cloud (S2C) platform provides a framework to connect physical products to a wireless network, mobile applications and cloud services. Key features of the platform include mobile-assisted device setup including secure cloud-based device authentication, data-exchange between device-mobile and device-cloud, seamless roaming of mobile data connections between local and cloud, management of devices and users and connectors to third-party cloud services.

The platform is comprised of three major components as shown in the following diagram.

A mobile application is used to provide a convenient interface between products and users. Cloud services provide a way to manage devices, users and data, and connect third-party cloud services.

Cloud Services

The Zentri Silicon-to-Cloud platform provides various cloud services including management of devices, users, data, and connectors to third-party cloud services. The Device Management Service (DMS) offers secure, reliable, product-specific over the air (OTA) software updates, and provides full device inventory, device location and status. The platform includes infrastructure to create and manage user accounts and the data and devices associated with users. APIs are available, and custom plugins can be created to enable interfacing with third-party cloud services such as CRM platforms or custom analytics engines.

Products and Devices

Physical products typically include a connectivity device powered by ZentriOS. The product application may be built to run directly on the ZentriOS connectivity device and leverage the ZentriOS S2C API directly. Alternately, if the product incorporates an additional host microprocessor, the host uses the ZentriOS S2C host driver to communicate with mobile apps and cloud services via the connectivity device running ZentriOS and ZAP that exposes the S2C Host API.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are built using the Zentri S2C mobile SDK which is designed to work with native applications for iOS and Android. A Phonegap plugin is under development to simplify cross-platform application development. A mobile application uses the S2C mobile SDK to exchange transactional streaming data, commands and files with products incorporating a device running the S2C ZAP on ZentriOS, and with cloud services provided by the Zentri S2C platform.