Zentri Module Comparison

Currently available Zentri Wi-Fi modules are:

The AMW004 Wallaby module has a faster microprocessor, has more RAM and flash, has more GPIOs and has a DAC. The ZentriOS SDK supports the AMW004.

The AMW006 Numbat module is smaller, consumes less power, has more independent PWMs and has a SPI slave interface. Due to memory limitations, the ZentriOS SDK does not support the AMW006.

The AMW106 Numbat module has more memory and a faster CPU than the AM006, but is otherwise identical. The ZentriOS SDK supports the AMW106.

The AMW007 Spectre module has a more limited memory but a faster CPU. It uses a mechanism for running firmware that optimises memory use, so it should not be compared to other mdoules on the basis of memory alone. While the AMW004 and AMWx06 support multiple network streams, the AMW007 and AMW037 modules have limited streams. See Networking and Security, Stream Limitations.

Module differences affect GPIO configuration and the running of memory intensive features. See Peripherals and Memory.

FeatureAMW004 - WallabyAMW006 - NumbatAMW106 - Numbat 106AMW007 - Spectre
Total RAM128KB96KB128KBaround 36KB
CPU Speed120MHz80MHz100MHzup to 160Mhz
Internal flash (NOT user writable)1MB512Kbsee AMW006None
Extended (serial) flash (user writable)1MB1MBsee AMW0062MB
Power consumption (3.3V supply)1.85μA to 390mA0.97μA to 360mAsee AMW006-
Max RF Tx Output Power+18.5 dBm @ 802.11b (EVM < -9 dB)
+13.5 dBm @ 802.11n MCS7 (EVM < -28 dB)
+18.0 dBm @ 802.11b (EVM < -9 dB)
+13.5 dBm @ 802.11n MCS7 (EVM < -28 dB)
see AMW006+20 dBm @ 802.11b/g (EVM < -9 dB),
+16 dBm @ 802.11n (EVM < -28 dB)
Size31.8 x 17.8 x 2.7 mm (1.25" x 0.70" x 0.11")20.3 x 15.2 x 2.7mm (0.80" x 0.60" x 0.11")see AMW00612 x 11 x 1.8mm (0.47" x 0.43" x 0.08")
GPIOs2921see AMW0067
DACs1 x 12bit---
ADCs10 x 12bit9 x 12bitsee AMW0061
Independent simultaneous PWMs47see AMW0063
4-Wire UART interfaces22see AMW0062
SPI interfaces1 x SPI-master interface2 x SPI interfaces (1 master, 1 slave)see AMW006-
Wake Inputs12 x edge/level sensitive wake inputs1 x ultra-low power wake inputsee AMW0061
SDK SupportYesNoYesNo