Zentri AMW106-E03 Moray

The AMW106-E03 Moray evaluation board is based on the AMW106 Numbat platform.

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Peripherals and Pins

ZentriOS Edition Support

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ZentriOS SDK

SDK example apps are tested for version AMW106-E03.6.

Connecting the AMW106 for Use with the ZentriOS SDK

The SDK controls the ZentriOS device via a Zentri ATG002 Piranha Debug Tool.

Connect the 10-way ribbon cable between the Piranha board and the Zentri device. Connect a good quality USB cable between a USB port on the SDK computer and the Piranha USB port.

SDK Memory Size and Availability

SectionMemory SizeAvailable SizeComments
Image1Mbyte~200KWhile the extended serial flash is 1M, other files reside on it so the actual Zap image is smaller.
Code128K~30KThe RAM is 128K but network buffers, ZentriOS and Zap structures and additional features use this memory as well.
Data128K~10KSee comment above. Code and Data sections use the same memory for this platform.

See ZAP Memory Sections.

Using AMW106 Button 1 with the ZentriOS SDK

Button 1 on the AMW106 corresponds to GPIO 0, which is overloaded with the JTAG_TRST signal. This is a specific case of the issue described below in AMW106 GPIOs 0 to 4 Disabled During SDK Debugging.

AMW106 GPIOs 0 to 4 Disabled During SDK Debugging

The Zentri AMW106 overloads the JTAG pins with the pins allocated to GPIO0, GPIO1, GPIO2, GPIO3 and GPIO4. Because the ZentriOS SDK uses JTAG for controlling the module and debugging, there is a conflict when using the ZentriOS SDK with apps requiring these GPIOs.

You can still develop a ZentrioS app that uses GPIOs 0 to 4, but you have to turn off debugging to run the app.

Build and download the app to the device in the usual way. When the app is downloaded, issue the following commands at the ZentriOS terminal:

set zap.debug.enabled 0

After rebooting, use the zap_run command to run the app:

zapr <app_filename>

To continue developing the app using the SDK, you need to turn debugging back on:

set zap.debug.enabled 1

Note: GPIO0 corresponds to Button 1.