Zentri AMW106 Numbat

The AMW106 'Numbat 106' module is an ultra-low power Wi-Fi networking module with full regulatory certification.

The AMW136 'Numbat 136' has an additional built-in PCB antenna, and is otherwise identical to the AMW106. The AMW136 works only with the built-in antenna, and does not support antenna diversity.

For an evaluation board based on the AMW106 module, see AMW106-E03 Moray.

For an evaluation board based on the AMWx36 module, see AMWx36-E03 Mola.

RAM (kB)Max. CPU Speed (MHz)GPIOs and Peripherals
128100See AMWx06 GPIOs and Peripheral Devices

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See the AMW006/AMW106 Numbat Data Sheet in AMW106 documents and resources.

ZentriOS Edition Support

The AMW106 platform supports:

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UART Ranges

For the AMW106 and AMW136, UART variables have ranges as follows.


Variable: uart.baud

Range: minimum: 1281 maximum: 5250000 (5.25 Mbit/s)


Set UART1 baud to 2,000,000:

uart.baud 1 2000000 raw


Variable: uart.data

Range: 8 - 9


Set UART1 to 8 bits

uart.data 1 8


Variable: uart.flow


uart.flow 1 on

SPI Max Clock Rate

21 MHz

ZentriOS SDK

SDK example apps are tested for version AMW106-E03.6.

SDK Memory Size and Availability

The table shows memory availability for ZentriOS-WZ-3.2+.

Memory TypeZAP RequirementSizeAvailable SizeComments
Internal flashZAP code and Read Only data1Mbyte32K
RAMZAP global Read/Write data128K~30KUse malloc() to dynamically allocate from HEAP
Extended flashZAP files1MByte~600K

See ZAP Memory Sections.

AMW106 GPIOs 0 to 4 Disabled During SDK Debugging

The Zentri AMW106 overloads the JTAG pins with the pins allocated to GPIO0, GPIO1, GPIO2, GPIO3 and GPIO4. Because the ZentriOS SDK uses JTAG for controlling the module and debugging, there is a conflict when using the ZentriOS SDK with apps requiring these GPIOs.

You can still develop a ZentrioS app that uses GPIOs 0 to 4, but you have to turn off debugging to run the app.

Build and download the app to the device in the usual way. When the app is downloaded, issue the following commands at the ZentriOS terminal:

set zap.debug.enabled 0

After rebooting, the app runs.

To continue developing the app using the SDK, you need to turn debugging back on:

set zap.debug.enabled 1

Note: GPIO 0 corresponds to Button 1, which is used for the factory reset and web setup button sequences. These sequences work only when zap.debug.enabled is set to 0.

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