Zentri AMW006 Numbat

The AMW006 'Numbat' module is an ultra-low power Wi-Fi networking module with full regulatory certification.

The AMW036 'Numbat 036' has an additional built-in PCB antenna, and is otherwise identical to the AMW006. The AMW036 works only with the built-in antenna, and does not support antenna diversity.

For an evaluation board based on the AMW006 module, see AMW006-E03 Moray.

For an evaluation board based on the AMWx36 modules, see AMWx36-E03 Mola.

RAM (kB)Max. CPU Speed (MHz)GPIOs and Peripherals
9684See AMWx06 GPIOs and Peripheral Devices

Product Details and Purchasing Information


See the AMW006/AMW106 Numbat Data Sheet in AMW006 documents and resources.

ZentriOS Edition Support

The AMW006 platform supports:

See AMW106 for a Numbat platform supported by ZentriOS-WZ, with Command API, ZAPs and the ZentriOS SDK.

UART Ranges

For the AMW006 and AMW036, UART variables have ranges as follows.


Variable: uart.baud

Range: minimum: 1281 maximum: 5250000 (5.25 Mbit/s)


Set UART1 baud to 2,000,000:

uart.baud 1 2000000 raw


Variable: uart.data

Range: 8 - 9


Set UART1 to 8 bits

uart.data 1 8


Variable: uart.flow


uart.flow 1 on

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