Zentri AMW004 Wallaby

The AMW004 Wallaby module is a fully certified small form factor, low power Wi-Fi networking module.

For an evaluation board based on the AMW004 module, see AMW004-E03 Mackerel.

RAM (kB)Max. CPU Speed (MHz)GPIOs and Peripherals
128120See AMW004 Peripherals

Product details and Purchasing Information


See the AMW004 Wallaby Data Sheet in AMW004 documents and resources.

ZentriOS Edition Support

The AMW004 platform supports:

ZentriOS Command API

UART Ranges

For the AMW004, UART variables have ranges as follows.


Variable: uart.baud

Range: minimum: 114 maximum: 15000000 (15 Mbit/s)


Set UART1 baud to 10,000,000:

uart.baud 1 10000000 raw


Variable: uart.data

Range: 5 - 8


Set UART1 to 8 bits

uart.data 1 8


Variable: uart.flow


uart.flow 1 on

ZentriOS SDK

SDK example apps are tested for version AMW004-E03.5.

Connecting the AMW004 for Use with the ZentriOS SDK

The SDK controls the ZentriOS device via a Zentri ATG002 Piranha Debug Tool.

If you are using a Zentri evaluation board with an AMW004 module, you need to unlock it with a special procedure. See Unlocking the AMW004 JTAG Interface.

Connect the 10-way ribbon cable between the Piranha board and the Zentri device. Connect a good quality USB cable between a USB port on the SDK computer and the Piranha USB port.

After connecting the AMW004 device, you can proceed with running the ZentriOS SDK Setup Device wizard. See SDK, Getting Started, Device Setup.

SDK Memory Size and Availability

The table shows memory availability for ZentriOS-WZ-3.2+

Memory TypeZAP RequirementSizeAvailable SizeComments
Internal flashZAP code and Read Only data1Mbyte256K
RAMZAP global Read/Write data128K~30KUse malloc() to dynamically allocate from HEAP
Extended flashZAP files1MByte~600K

See ZAP Memory Sections.