NXP Secure Cloud Connectivity Kit - OM13086: LPC43S67-A70CM

In this documentation we refer to this device as the NXP-SCCK. It may also be referred to as OM13086SCCK. The NXP-SCCK is a platform.

RAM (kB)Max. CPU Speed (MHz)GPIOs and Peripherals
136204See NXP-SCCK GPIOs and Peripherals

Product Details and Purchasing Information

See NXP-SCCK Product Documentation on the NXP website.

ZentriOS Edition Support

The NXP-SCCK platform supports:

ZentriOS Documentation References

UART Ranges

For the NXP-SCCK, UART variables have ranges as follows.


Variable: uart.baud

Range: minimum: 194 maximum: 12750000 (12.75 Mbit/s)


Set UART1 baud to 2,000,000:

uart.baud 1 2000000 raw


Variable: uart.data

Range: 5 - 8


Set UART1 to 8 bits

uart.data 1 8


Variable: uart.flow


uart.flow 1 on

ZentriOS SDK

The ZentriOS SDK supports the NXP-SCCK.

Connecting the NXP-SCCK For Use with the ZentriOS SDK

Insert the Zentri MMW001 SD card into the SD socket on the LPC General Purpose shield.

For USB connections, use the cables supplied in the kit or other high quality USB cables.

First connect a USB cable between a USB port on the SDK computer and the NXP-SCCK J5 USB port.

For extra power, connect a USB cable from a USB power supply, such as a computer USB port, to the CN11 USB port on the LPC General Purpose shield.

SDK Memory Size and Availability

The table shows memory availability for ZentriOS-WZ-3.2+.

Memory TypeZAP RequirementSizeAvailable SizeComments
Internal flashZAP code and Read Only data1Mbyte512KA zap image may fill the entire flash bank B.
RAMZAP global Read/Write data136K~30KUse malloc() to dynamically allocate from HEAP
Extended flashZAP files1Mbyte~500K

See ZAP Memory Sections.

NXP-SCCK ZAP Image File Issues

On the NXP-SCCK platform the ZAP image is stored in flash bank B ('user' flash), and the code executes from flash bank B. . The NXP-SCCK device permits only one ZAP to be loaded on the device at a time. See SDK Memory Size and Availability above.

The ZAP image file does not appear in the ls file listing, as it is located on a separate flash bank.

The ZAP file automatically runs when the device is powered up or rebooted.

To temporarily disable the zap from executing on startup, use the variable:

Use the version command to view the stored ZAP and version. For example:

> version
ZENTRI-TestProj-, 2016-02-06T00:35:53Z, ZentriOS-WZ-

NXP-SCCK Windows Drivers

When the NXP-SCCK is connected to a Windows computer via USB, the Windows Device Manager should have the following entries:

The entries are shown highlighted in the screen shot below:

If the entries do not appear as shown then the drivers may not be installed correctly.

The drivers may be found here: