Avnet BCM4343W SoC Module

The Avnet BCM4343W SoC module combines:

For an evaluation board based on this module, see BCM4343W IoT Starter Kit.

RAM (kB)Max. CPU Speed (MHz)GPIOs and Peripherals
128100BCM4343W GPIOs and Peripherals

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UART Ranges

For the AVN4343, UART variables have ranges as follows.


Variable: uart.baud

Range: minimum: 1525 maximum: 6250000 (6.25 Mbit/s)


Set UART1 baud to 2,000,000:

uart.baud 1 2000000 raw


Variable: uart.data

Range: 8 - 9


Set UART1 to 8 bits

uart.data 1 8


Variable: uart.flow


uart.flow 1 on

ZentriOS SDK

SDK Memory Size and Availability

The table shows memory availability for ZentriOS-XZ-3.2+.

Memory TypeZAP RequirementSizeAvailable SizeComments
Internal flashZAP code and Read Only data1Mbyte28K
RAMZAP global Read/Write data128K~30KUse malloc() to dynamically allocate from HEAP
Extended flashZAP files1Mbyte~500K

See ZAP Memory Sections.