ZentriOS Hardware Support


Zentri provides software and tools for building connected products, from silicon to cloud.

ZentriOS is the operating system that allows rapid building of complex connected products.

Zentri and its partners provide platforms that run ZentriOS. Platforms include modules and evaluation boards.

We also provide tools to assist in the development process, and additional hardware, sensors and other devices.

For each hardware item below, the documentation includes links for product details and purchasing information.


A platform is the basis of a ZentriOS connectivity device. ZentriOS runs on a number of platforms.

A platform is a configuration of hardware capable of running ZentriOS. A platform runs a version of ZentriOS compiled specifically for that platform. A product is compiled for one or more platforms. The Zentri DMS classifies products by the platforms on which they can run. The ZentriOS SDK detects the device platform in the Setup Device wizard.

Where procedures and features vary, depending on the platform, the details are noted throughout the documentation.

Where a configuration consists of subcomponents, a platform is the smallest ZentriOS-capable component that can be obtained separately. For example, a ZentriOS AMW106-E03 evaluation board contains a ZentriOS AMW106 module. The platform is the ZentriOS AMW106 module. In the case of the NXP-SCCK, no smaller module is available, and the platform is the NXP-SCCK evaluation board.

Wi-Fi Modules

ManufacturerDevice IDNamePlatformDescriptionZentriOS Editions
ZentriAMW004WallabyWi-Fi moduleZentriOS-W, ZentriOS-WZ
ZentriAMW006NumbatWi-Fi moduleZentriOS-W
ZentriAMW036Numbat 036Wi-Fi moduleZentriOS-W
ZentriAMW106Numbat 106Wi-Fi moduleZentriOS-W, ZentriOS-WZ
ZentriAMW136Numbat 136Wi-Fi moduleZentriOS-W, ZentriOS-WZ
ZentriAMW007SpectreWi-Fi moduleZentriOS-WL
ZentriAMW037Spectre 037Wi-Fi moduleZentriOS-WL
AvnetAVN4343Avnet BCM4343W SoCWi-Fi moduleZentriOS-XZ

Wi-Fi Evaluation Boards

ManufacturerDevice IDNamePlatformDescriptionZentriOS Editions
ZentriAMW004-E03MackerelAMW004Wi-Fi Evaluation boardZentriOS-W, ZentriOS-WZ
ZentriAMW006-E03MorayAMW006Wi-Fi Evaluation boardZentriOS-W
ZentriAMW106-E03Moray 106AMW106Wi-Fi Evaluation boardZentriOS-W, ZentriOS-WZ
ZentriAMWx36-E03MolaAMW036, AMW136Wi-Fi Evaluation boardZentriOS-W, ZentriOS-WZ
ZentriAMW007-E03MedusaAMW007Wi-Fi Evaluation boardZentriOS-WL
ZentriAMW037-E01BlowfishAMW037Wi-Fi Evaluation boardZentriOS-WL
NXPNXP-SCCKSecure Cloud Connectivity KitWi-Fi Evaluation boardZentriOS-WZ
AvnetAVN4343-ISKAvnet IoT Starter KitAVN4343Wi-Fi Evaluation boardZentriOS-XZ

Wi-Fi Tools

ManufacturerDevice IDNameDescriptionZentriOS Editions
ZentriATG002PiranhaDebug and development toolZentriOS-WZ - used for SDK connection of devices based on AMW004 and AMW106 platforms

Wi-Fi Additional Hardware

ZentriASG001Sensor and display backpackZentriOS-WZ SDK libraries
ZentriASG003Environmental sensor backpackZentriOS-WZ SDK libraries

BLE Modules

ManufacturerDevice IDNamePlatformDescriptionZentriOS Editions
ZentriAMS001BobcatBLE moduleZentriOS-S
ZentriAMS002BobcatBLE moduleZentriOS-S

BLE Evaluation Boards

ManufacturerDevice IDNamePlatformDescriptionZentriOS Editions
ZentriAMS001-E01 with AMS001 moduleWahooAMS001BLE evaluation boardZentriOS-S
ZentriAMS001-E01 with AMS002 moduleWahooAMS002BLE evaluation boardZentriOS-S

Sensors and other Devices

See SDK Drivers Library

Bulk Flash

See Bulk Flash.