Devices View

The Devices view provides a way to access, query and modify individual devices. During development, you are likely to have only a small number of Devices. The large icon view shows Device details.

In the production phase, the number of Devices grows. The compact list view may be more convenient. The DMS provides a way to limit the Devices displayed, using filters and groupings.

Showing Device Detail

To drill into a Device, select the Device. A summary of Device attributes is shown in the top panel. The default tab is Logs. This shows a history of Device activations, OTA updates and other information in the log panel at the bottom left. Select an activity to see additional details which appear in the panel at bottom right.

Editing Device Details

To edit a device, select the Edit button in the top-right of the summary view. Editing allows the following information about the product to be updated:

Unclaiming or Resetting a Device

When you want to give up ownership of a device, you can explicitly reset it. This removes any Device Files in the Cloud File System, and removes additional information such as the location and avatar. It also activates the Device to its Origin Product.

Tagging Device for Alpha, Beta or Release Product

The Device tag determines what product bundle it receives when it OTAs a product.

See Tagging Product Bundle Release Type

Activating a Device to a Product

This is the equivalent of running the dms activate command from the device.

The ZentriOS SDK does this automatically in the course of ZAP development.

Adding a Device File

An Device File is a file in the Cloud File System (CloudFS), associated with the Device. The device can upload and download Device Files. Device Files provide a way to exchange data from the device with cloud services, and manage individual device configuration, independently of the Product Bundle.

Select the device Files panel. Drag a file onto the File Detail panel target area.

Then click Upload to upload the file to the CloudFS.

Viewing Device Logs

Select the device Logs panel.

The display shows a list of log events associated with the device.

Viewing Device Files

Select the Product Files panel.

The display shows a list of Device Files.

Device Actions

Select the product Actions panel.

The display shows the actions that can be performed with the device"