Developer Workflow

A developer is a DMS user creating a product, using the Command API, or the ZentriOS Native API and SDK.

Where a ZAP product is developed in the ZentriOS SDK, the SDK takes care of some of the workflow procedures. These steps are labelled ZAP SDK in the developer workflow below. For other kinds of product the developer can use the DMS GUI interface or the DMS API interface for workflow procedures.

The steps of the developer workflow are as follows.

Create a DMS User Account

See DMS Signup

Choose a Development Platform

See ZentriOS Overview

Obtain a Device with Chosen Platform and Edition

The device must be claimable.

Obtain SDK and ZAP edition

If using the ZentriOS SDK for development, you need a ZentriOS ZAP edition and the SDK.

Create a Product

Set Up Other Users

Set up other users to collaborate on product development and testing

Development Cycle

The development cycle involves creating a product version and testing it.

Iterate the development cycle until a release candidate is completed. The product then becomes a production product. See Production Workflow

Development can continue after the first release. End users of a product can OTA new versions of the product.

Develop App and Supporting Files

Create a DMS Product Bundle

Set Up DMS Product Assets

If required, add product assets:

Set up DMS Product Connectors

If required, add product connectors:

Publish a Product Bundle for Testing

Specify the Type of Release

Release types are alpha, beta and release

Activate the Test Device to the Product

A device can be activated to a product via the ZAP SDK app store interface, the device command interface, or the DMS GUI.